Jim Dominey

How fitting it is that my love of words has helped me create a long, strange tale involving so many countries. Over the years, I have written at least one of just about everything, from my humble beginnings at community newspapers to this blog that you are reading now. It’s been a journey that has taken me from Canada to the United States and now Spain, always with words along for the ride.

When I first started out as a full-time journalist, I thought that would be my career for life. Little did I know that a fateful encounter with the NBA would help turn my world upside down and lead me down a path to operating my own marketing communications firm.  But that was just another step on the way before entering the corporate world and leading an amazing string of programs concentrating on promotional marketing, loyalty programs, partnerships, financial services and contract negotiations.

But no matter how many detours popped up, I have always found my way back to the written word as a familiar place and a comfort zone. The words have taken many forms over the years: formal communication plans, web copy, email solicitations, press releases, corporate sales sheets, brochures, even the script for a do-it-yourself audio tape about plumbing. But the commonality has always been knowing the audience and achieving the end result. It’s maybe what I’m most proud of across these years, the ability to empathize with the intended audience enough to know what they want to hear. Words have power, and they deserve to be wielded well.

So as I return to my roots with this blog, I’ll strive to have my words create new mental pictures about the things I am experiencing, the precious moments that inspire me, the little things that drive me crazy and the instants that simply make the day a little better. Hopefully, these words will do a little of that for you, too.

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